While we use every ounce of our imagination to create beautiful urban environments, we don't leave anything to the imagination when we provide you with a design.

An award-winning Urban Jungle designer will come meet with you, take a few pictures, draw a floor plan and then come back with photographs of your office with plants and containers already there.

You can see how your office will look long before the plants and containers arrived. Our horticulturalists will select plants that will enhance and thrive in your environment. Urban Jungle can provide you with container options to meet every budget from simple, architecturally-relevant to one-of-a-kind custom containers.

Delivering great first and lasting impressions is what Urban Jungle is all about.

All plants are hand selected to make sure only the finest specimens are installed. All plants and containers are cleaned and inspected before we arrive at your business to assure that your installation goes quickly and smoothly. In the time it takes to go out to lunch, your urban environment could be transformed into an Urban Jungle.